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Stories from birth mothers

Are you considering adoption for your baby?

Real women. Real stories.

Find out what placement means to 23 women who chose to place a child for adoption. These are true stories told by real women who found themselves in a situation like yours. Let the voices of these powerful women sink into your heart as they share their adoption truths with you.

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"This is a story about my pregnancy journey from fear and confusion to a place of confidence, peace, and conviction. It's my personal wrestle with intuition, expectations, and challenging circumstances."

// Britta Nelson

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We have a national network of counselors and adoption service providers who specialize in helping you find answers to your questions about adoption and the adoption options available to you. When you download this ebook we will help you get in touch with one of these resources.

Haley Kirkpatrick // Editor

Haley is a birth mom to a gorgeous little girl whom she placed for adoption eight years ago. She is also now the mom to two more beautiful little redheads. She has an insane love for all things adoption, and a passion for connecting birth parents to show them that they are far from alone in this journey.

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