Most people know what WIC is but don’t know that it is available to foster and adoptive parents as well.

WIC – Definition

WIC provides healthy food for low-income families or any family receiving medical assistance.

Food Examples

Some of the foods WIC provides are milk, cereal, 100% fruit juice, eggs, tuna fish, dried peas or beans, cheese, peanut butter, and infant formula (which is availabe to any child under the age of 5). During fresh fruit and vegetable season, WIC may also provide vouchers that are redeemable at local farmer’s markets.

If your child is on a specific diet or has specific allergies, these WIC items can be modified.

How to Find WIC Foods

To find out which products, brands, and sizes are approved, you will need to contact your local agency. In the state section, you will find contact information for the WIC office in your state. They will direct you to the closest regional office. Your regional office will also provide you with a list of participating grocery stores and farmers markets. Not all grocery stores participate.

Be prepared for your visit to the office to be somewhat long. Bring your child’s current immunization card, any medical records that might be important, paperwork showing the child has been placed in your custody, and your medical assistance card. The office may weigh and measure your child, as well as conduct a lead level test.

Benefit Variables

WIC benefits are based on the age, weight, and stage of your child. Infants receive formula, and as they age, cereal is added. Children one year and older can receive additional milk, eggs, peanut butter, and other foods listed above.

These benefits can continue past finalization, as long as your child is under five years of age.

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