Adoption rules, laws, and regulations are always being altered among countries. So what’s the deal with adopting from Haiti in 2018? Here’s a quick look: 


  1. If you decide to adopt from Haiti, you can pick the gender of the children you adopt.
  2. One adoptive parent has to be a United States Citizen.
  3. An adoptive parent must be at least 21 years older than the child.
  4. Single parents can adopt but must be between the ages of 35 and 49 years old.
  5. Those who are married can adopt in Haiti if they are between the ages of 30 and 49 years old and have been married at least 5 years. Now, couples who have been married for less than 5 years, but have been living together for at least 5 years, may be able to adopt. A certificate is needed from authorities to prove cohabitation for 5 years.
  6. Those with a criminal history are NOT ELIGIBLE to adopt.
  7.  The process for adoption in Haiti from start to finish is about 24 – 30 months. Now, this does not mean you wait that long for your prospective child or children. The adoption agency you are working with will match you with your child early on in the process, and throughout the remaining many months you will be able to visit your child or children and bond with them.


  1. Complete some pre-adoption training, though requirements will vary from agency to agency.
  2. Start your Dossier (collection of documents). Your agency will help you with this paperwork.
  3. Once your Dossier is completed and approved by the agency or avenue you use to adopt, a child/children will be chosen for you.
  4. You will have a couple of weeks to decide if you want to make the child/children part of your forever family. If you decide to move forward, you will travel to Haiti, bond with your child/children, then go sign paperwork at the US Embassy.
  5. The waiting begins: The Approval for Final Adoption begins and can take months. Your agency will provide you with photos and updates on your child/children.
  6. If you are approved, you will make plans to go back to Haiti and pick up your children. You may be to Haiti a couple more times to bond if you so choose.
  7. The process may be long, but the result will be worth it!


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