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Why partner with Adoption.com

When you choose to advertise with Adoption.com, you’re promoting your organization on the internet’s most-used adoption site.

Adoption.com has averaged more than half a million monthly visitors and millions of monthly page views.

Adoption.com shows up at the top of Google organic (unpaid) search results for the keyword “adoption” and many other adoption searches.

Adoption.com has more than 400,000 social media followers on Facebook and other social channels, which we can leverage to grow your social following and your business.

Adoption.com provides locally targeted advertising, to help your ads be seen by people in your local area.

Adoption.com provides a wide variety of other advertising options, such as graphical advertising banners, Adoption.com Directory listings, Parent Profiles to promote your hopeful adoptive parent clients, mobile advertising, email and telephone call lead generation, etc.

We offer custom packages for every budget.

Current Specials

Please contact Kristine Webb or Shirlee Davidson for current specials.


List of Advertising Services

Directory Listing - #1 opportunity for Adoption Professionals to list their services Adoption.com publishes a Directory of adoption service providers. There are two level options for you to select one, Basic & Premier.

Advertising Banners - Branding and Visibility on the #1 Adoption information website Graphical Ad Banners & Custom design services to promote your organization nationally or locally on our network of websites, including our mobile visitors.

Lead Generation (email and phone) Adoption related leads delivered to you by email or phone call inquiries. Leads will be forwarded directly to you.

Parent Profiles - the best resource for reaching birth mothers Adoption.com Parent Profiles helps hopeful adoptive parents and expectant parents considering placement to connect. These profiles are promoted through Adoption.com, the world's most-used adoption site.

Video Advertising Advertiser can submit videos to Adoption.com for consideration to be promoted through Adoption.com video advertising. To qualify videos need to truly be shareable and not just be an advertisement.

Best of Adoption" eMagazine Advertising Adoption.com publishes a weekly email eMagazine called "Best of Adoption.com". This eMagazine is sent to more than 35,000 recipients each week. Advertisers can place graphical and text advertising in this eMagazine.

Event Advertising - Adoption.com/Events Calendar coming soon

Free Basic Adoption Event Advertising Adoption.com has an adoption events calendar. The Advertiser may add up to one appropriate event listing to the Adoption.com events calendar for no additional charge. This service is only available to Directory Advertisers.

Premier Adoption Event Advertising Adoption.com can provide extensive additional advertising throughout their network of websites and social media channels.

Expert Forum Sponsorship Adoption.com operates the largest adoption community. Advertisers can sponsor a topical forums. This opportunity allows advertiser to connect with a target audience and promote their services and expertise. Not available for birth mother forums.

International Adoption Photolisting Adoption.com operates a photolisting of children waiting for international adoption. This service will be password protected so photo may be shown.

Custom Advertising Your Adoption.com Representative can customize certain elements of your Advertising to best meet the goals and needs of your organization. I you do not see it here, we would enjoy exploring advertising options with you.


Adoption.com Directory

Adoption Services Directory When many of your potential clients consider adoption, they go to the world’s most-used adoption service to find adoption service providers. Are you listed in the Adoption.com Directory?

The Adoption.com Directory is the #1 opportunity for Adoption Professionals to list their services. Adoption.com publishes a Directory of adoption service providers. There are two level options for you to select one, Basic & Premier.


Help More Families Adopt

Help more of your families adopt with Parent Profiles If you work with expectant mothers who are considering adoption you can search hundreds of profiles on Adoption.com Parent Profiles to help her find the perfect match.
You can also help your hopeful adoptive families to increase their exposure to expectant mothers. Discount codes are available that waive setup fees for clients referred through adoption service providers. Your hopeful parents can learn more at: adoption.com/profiles/getting-started.


Marketing Your Hopeful Families

Platinum Package The Adoption.com Platinum Package provides world-class, customized marketing for hopeful adoptive parents. This package includes video production, premier Adoption.com advertising, custom Google advertising, social media marketing, and much more. Learn more about the Platinum Package at adoption.com/profiles/packages.


Financial Assistance for Your Families

Adoption.com Loans Your hopeful adoptive parents can easily apply for an unsecured adoption.com/loan online, and get per-qualified for an adoption loan in as little as two minutes. Loan amounts can range from $2,000 - $35,000.

Adoption.com Fundraising Adoption.com (the world’s #1 adoption site) has partnered with GoFundMe (the world’s #1 crowd funding platform) to help hopeful adoptive parents pay for adoption. Profiles created adoption.com/fundraising. Can be promoted by both Adoption.com and GoFundMe.


Help Waiting Kids Find Homes

Do you help U.S. foster children or international orphans find adoptive families? If so, you can help waiting children find homes with the Adoption.com Photolisting. The Adoption.com Photolisting is a platform you can use to help more families find your waiting children. This photolisitings is a free community service for listing foster children waiting for adoption. There is a small fee for international adoption agencies to list children.


Connect with Adoption Professionals

Social Media Advertising

Adoption.com has the largest adoption social media following. Adoption.com can leverage its huge social media reach to grow the Advertiser’s social channels.

Join our Adoption Professionals group on LinkedIn and connect with thousands of other adoption professionals. Ask questions, share knowledge, build your professional network.
You can also connect with us at:



Adoption Laws

Everyday adoption.com publishes news and other articles at Adoption.com/articles.

adoption.com/wiki/adoption_laws_in_the_United_States to research summaries of the following laws related to adoption:

  • Consent to adoption
  • Criminal background for prospective foster and adoptive parents
  • Grounds for involuntary termination of parental rights
  • Home study requirements for prospective parents in domestic adoption
  • Infant safe haven laws
  • Regulation of private domestic adoption expenses
  • The rights of unmarried fathers
  • The use of advertising and facilitators in adoptive placements
  • Who may adopt, be adopted, or place a child for adoption?
  • Access to adoption records
  • Interstate inheritance rights for adoptive persons
  • Post adoption contact agreements between birth and adoptive families
  • Readoption after and intercountry adoption
  • Application for a U.S. birth certificate

Please let us know if the adoption related laws change in your state or if you notice any inaccuracies in this information.


Get Published on Adoption.com

If you have a heart for adoption and a passion to educate, inspire, and uplift the community, we encourage you to join our Content Team so your articles, videos or other content can be published on Adoption.com. To learn more about how Adoption.com can amplify your voice...


Products Review

Do you have a product that will help the adoption community? Would you like Adoption.com to publish a review for your adoption product? If so, please send your product to the address below. Products will not be returned, and we cannot guarantee your product will be reviewed or that it will receive a positive review.

Adoption.com Product Reviews Team
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Mobile Consulting

More and more Internet users are accessing your website using their mobile devices. More than 60% of Adoption.com’s traffic comes from mobile devices. Are your site and advertising optimized for mobile users? We can help you reposition your company to accommodate the mobile generation.

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