Thanksgiving brings out all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings for me. I get especially emotional and filled with gratitude for the important people in our life. And for our family, some of those people are our son’s birth parents. Those brave incredible individuals who made me a Mom. I love them. Insert big tears. Sheesh, so when I recently realized that one of my love languages is creating and gifting, I knew it was time to create something special for them. Here are three ideas of thankful gifts you can create and send to your child’s birth parents. Mind you, I stole all these ideas from the interwebs. I am creative, just not that creative.

Send a Long Distance Hug

I am in love with this idea. Using paint, make handprints on card stock of your child’s hands, then cut those cuties out. Next measure the length of your child’s wing span. Cut ribbon of the same length and attach the handprints and there you have it! A long distance hug! There are loads of cute poems that you can send along found on Pinterest. If I was a knitter or crochet mama I would be frantically working to make one of these into a scarf because who doesn’t want to wear a hug around their neck all day? Honorable mention to this hug pillow, not as easy to ship but crazy cute!

Foot Print Turkeys

Foot print turkeys are downright adorable and pretty easy to create! Use craft paint to make a print of your child’s foot. Once dry your child can add feathers a beak and eyes to create a turkey! I admit this one is more aimed for little kids, however I did make a foot print turkey of my own foot one year before the children and it was surprisingly fun and cracked me up every time I saw my gigantic foot print dolled up like a turkey. Everybody loves kids feet so this one is always a big hit.

Leaf Imprinted Towels

I think this next one is perfect for older kids. Send them out to collect leaves that grow around their home. Once collected arrange them on a sheet of card stock in the design of your choosing. Now place a white tea towel over the top and hand your kid a hammer. As they pound away on the towel the colors from the leaves will start to dye the towel leaving a really lovely printed image. I think what makes this gift so special is that your loved ones can learn a little bit about the home you live in and what trees grow in your yard. Leaf imprinted towels are not only fun to make but they also are practical and allow the receiver to integrate your gift into their daily lives. For a super hyped up version of this craft check out these wooden coasters. Gorgeous!

There is value in creating things. As the parent you get to spend time interacting with your children on a creative level. For those who receive the gift it is a reminder of how often there are remembered and how much they are loved.

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