Some people consider adoption as their first chosen route to parenthood; others consider adopting a child after a hard, long road of infertility treatments.

As a mom via adoption who experienced years of infertility as well as pregnancy and childbirth, I’ve learned a lot along the way.

Here are three important questions to ask yourself before deciding whether to adopt after infertility:

1. Have I appropriately grieved the loss of having biological children?

No doubt about it, experiencing infertility is hard. Often times, we let go of a dream we once had of children running around our house who share similar physical characteristics with ourselves.

Make sure you give yourself the time and space you need to fully grieve the loss of birthing and raising biological children. You may even consider counseling to help unpack some heavy emotions.

2. What is my motivation to adopt?

Adopting a child is a good option for people who can offer unconditional love to a child.

Many people will ask why you have chosen the path of adoption to grow your family, and it’s important to honestly examine your intentions.

Adopting is a good option for people who have a strong desire to become parents, not saviors. If you’re choosing to grow your family through adoption because you want to save a child, you may need some extra time to examine your motivations.

3. Am I prepared for a roller coaster ride?

The adoption process isn’t for the faint of heart.

Before considering adoption to grow your family, you may want to ask yourself whether you’re emotionally and financially ready.

Background checks, interviews, and extensive paperwork are all a normal part of the adoption process but can be overwhelming at times.

A failed adoption match or an expectant parent not choosing your family may lead to heartache for some; to the contrary, quick adoption placements can make for a whirlwind welcome to parenthood.

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