Adoptive mothers sometimes get the short end of the stick when it comes to baby celebrations. Other things, too. Some forget to offer assistance to a new mother whose baby came to her through adoption rather than her own womb. But although there’s generally not any physical healing that needs to take place in a newly adoptive mother, there are a lot of things that are often neglected. An adoptive mother will be just as sleep-deprived as a mother who births her child. An adoptive mother needs assistance just as a mother who births her child. And an adoptive mother could use a baby shower. Consider the following baby shower ideas for an adoptive mom baby shower:

Service Shower:

Whether its a first-time mom or a seasoned mom, adopting a baby might be glorious, but it can also be exhausting. Besides all the emotional ups and downs that come with adoption, all of a sudden becoming an adoptive mom can mean sleepless nights, a colicky baby, crazy amounts of laundry, and more. So a Service Shower for the new adoptive mom can be welcomed, indeed! Consider such service gifts as:

  1. Delivered dinner for a week.

  2. Pre-made frozen dinners for the family to cook any time. 

  3. Laundry done twice a week for a month.

  4. Baby holding for two hours twice a week so momma can rest.

  5. Sibling play dates once a week (with a promise to have the play date at YOUR house, not hers.)

  6. Friendly maid service for the first two weeks.

  7. Homemade bread for a month.

  8. Fresh flowers each week for a month.

Seasonal Shower:

Invite the guests to bring gifts relative to the season. Following are some examples:


  • Cozy Blankets
  • Hats
  • Baby Boots
  • Sleep Sacks


  • Flowered Head Bands/Bows
  • Bow Tie Onesies
  • Easter Basket filled with Baby Essentials (lotion, shampoo, etc)
  • Stroller

Decorate The Nursery Shower:

  • Crib Essentials
  • Baby Board Books to Read To Baby
  • Baby Monitor
  • Wall Art
  • Cushy Rocking Chair

Pamper-the-Mom Shower:

  • Spa Day Gift Card

  • Essential Oils & Diffuser

  • Foot Scrub & Lotion

  • A Stack of Great Books to Read While Feeding Baby

The ideas are endless. A good thing to remember is that an adoptive mom needs all the love and attention and help that a mother giving birth needs. Friends supporting and celebrating will help add to the joy of adding an adorable baby to the family.