In my heart of hearts, I am a t-shirt and jeans kind of a girl.  I have an appallingly large t-shirt collection, but that didn’t stop me from dream shopping through all the beauties they have on  Check out the seven shirts that, let’s be honest, will eventually end up in the shopping cart.

wait what

I lovingly call this one the “Wait, what?”   because most people who see this shirt will not likely know about the adoption triad symbol.  And that cool and here’s why. I love when a shirt gives you the chance to spark conversation.  See, cool kids will ask what your shirt means and then you get the chance to educate about the adoption triad.   Win, win, win.  You are comfy, you showed support, and you advocated  like a boss.


The intertwined triple hearts on this Adopt shirt make my heart race.  I love these three little hearts and how they cling to each other.  Every parent feels that way about their child and this image beautifully interprets that feeling.  Also, you can’t go wrong with a black tee.

new dad

Let’s hear it for the Dads!  This New Dad shirt is simple and straight to the point.  I love a raglan sleeve and the sporty touch it gives to the tee.  Dads want to celebrate and advocate too and this shirt gives them that chance.  Congratulation, New Dad!  You get out there and crush it at this whole parenting jam!

great love

Willa Cather said, “Where there is great love, there are always great miracles.”  I was thrilled to find this quote so beautifully printed on this tee.  Adoption is full of great love.  Everyone involved in adoption is in that relationship because of love.  And I promise that Ms. Cather is correct: great love always precedes great miracles.

love adoption

Love and Adoption is one of the sweetest tees on   Three simple hearts huddle around the words “love and adoption.”   I love this shirt for the opposite reason I love the first shirt.  The first leads to a conversation, this shirt puts the message clearly out there for all.  No explanation need.

Not only does offer amazing t-shirts, you can also get your hands on books, mugs, jewelry, and baby gear.  This is your connection for all things adoption gifting.  Give them a check out and share with me which t-shirt you would buy!