November is National Adoption Month, and it’s a great time to celebrate and reflect on how you’ve been moved by adoption. It’s also the perfect time to educate those around you about the amazing gift adoption can be. Whether you’ve adopted children, have been adopted, or know someone who has been touched by adoption, there are SIMPLE ways to participate in the national celebration

1) Use adoption-themed stamps.

With expressions such as, “Born in my heart”, “Adoption=Love”, and “Does your family tree have room for one more?”, these custom stamps are a sweet way to spread a little adoption cheer and celebrate whether you’re writing friends and family or just paying the bills.

2) Share your feelings about adoption on your favorite social media outlets.

This is such an easy way to share a bit of your heart with all the people you care about to help them better understand and celebrate the joy adoption can bring. You never know who’s the heart you might move to consider adoption by sharing just a little.

3) Buy an adoption-themed book or check one out from your local library.

Many books have been written about supporting adoption, talking about adoption, or experiencing adoption. They have been written in almost every genre and for every age. Some of my favorites are: A Child Is a Child by Brigitte Weninger, Instant Mom by Nia Vardalos, and Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born by Jamie Lee Curtis. **You definitely earn bonus points if you use one of your favorite adoption books for your book club or read one to your child’s class at school.**

4) Donate a little time or money to a local agency that helps children find forever families.

Some of these agencies run “Heart Galleries” or “Wednesday’s Child” programs to raise awareness for local children who have not yet been adopted. They are always in need of volunteers and donations. With Christmas just around the corner, many children they work with are facing a holiday season without presents. Any little bit you can put together can make a huge difference in the lives of these waiting children. 

5) Download or order a free adoption poster to share.

You can email them, post them on social media, or even hang them in your church, office, or anywhere else you’d like to spread the word.


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