I explained to a child recently that lots of individuals in history are celebrated with a “day.” On that day they are remembered, revered, and celebrated. Art projects honoring them line the hallways of the school, and children increase their understanding of this individual’s place in history. These historical figures are talked about and read about. We look to strengthen our character because of them.

In our house, Birth Mother’s Day is a lot like those special days. It’s a big deal and deserves as much, if not more, of our attention!

Why do we celebrate Birth Mother’s Day?

1. It’s a reason to celebrate. I believe that birth mothers should be celebrated!  It seems fitting to celebrate birth mother’s day the day before mother’s day. It is because of two valiant, strong, beautiful birthmothers that I am a mother today. They cared for and loved my children before I was blessed to, and because of that I will always love and celebrate them.

2. It’s a chance to remember. Our oldest daughter, Eliza Jane, loves to hear stories about her adoption and I have no doubt that our younger daughter will also enjoy similar stories as she grows. She remembers visits we have had with her birth mother. She remembers gifts she has given (they always seen to be perfect!) and time we have enjoyed together. Eliza Jane was seven years old when her sister arrived unexpectedly on a stormy Wednesday morning. Eliza shared the experience of meeting the birth mom in the hospital. They had a great conversation about school, pets, and being a good big sister to this new little one. The love and awe in the room was palpable, and our daughter, even at seven years old, felt that. On Birth Mother’s Day we remember these experiences, we remember the events that led to us becoming a family, and we recollect the blessings they have brought into our home every day since then.

3.  It’s a time to share. There is something so fun about opening the door to a flower delivery or receiving a package full of love (and quirky items we seem to be famous for!). We like to take advantage of the opportunity to spoil our daughters’ birthmothers on Birth Mother’s Day. As our daughter has grown she enjoys being involved in this process.

4. LOVE. The kind of love I feel for Eliza & Annie’s birth mothers is intense and difficult to explain or understand. We have always encouraged open conversations regarding adoption with our family and friends. Birth Mother’s Day gives us a great opportunity to express our love and appreciation to them. It is true, we don’t feel like we need an official “day” to do this, but as I mentioned before, we’ll welcome any reason to celebrate our love for them.  Just this week our daughter told a friend, “I have a lot of birth parents!” We feel a lot of love in our home, and Birth Mother’s Day is the perfect day to express it.

5. It’s an opportunity to Increase Awareness. Educating others has been important to me since the day we started to dance with adoption! Much of what others “know” about adoption is simply untrue. We love to talk about our experiences, bringing truth and honor to the women who have chosen adoption for their babies. I take every chance I get to help one more individual understand the amount of love involved in adoption.

Take the time this year to celebrate Birth Mother’s Day. Make a little extra effort to let a birth mother know you love and care for her. Figure out how you can strengthen your character because of her example. I will be celebrating the women that placed their daughters into our home. As I mentioned earlier, these women loved and cared for my children before I was able to, and for that I will love them forever.