Within the foster care system siblings (who make up 2/3 of the kids in care) are kept together as often as possible, with the goal being that the whole group is adopted by the same family. Here are some reasons to consider adopting sibling groups.

Adopting sibling groups offers them stability.

When you keep a family together, you give your kids the one person that has been there through thick and thin. Sometimes that brother or sister is the only thing that has been the same throughout different homes and placements—keeping that bond strong will help them eventually bond with you. Studies have shown that kids who are separated from their sibs are at a greater risk of developing behavioral issues in the future, while kids who are kept together are less likely to struggle in that way.

Kids adopted with siblings feel more secure in their new homes.

Statistically, sibling adoptions are less likely to fail and the kids are more likely to be receptive to a new forever home. Because foster families that can parent multiple children are rare, likely, your kids have not been bounced around as many times as single children. Every bit of stability helps them out.

You’ll get an instant family!

If you are ultimately planning to adopt multiple children it is actually easier and less disruptive to get them all under your roof at the same time, rather than go through multiple single adoptions.  Be warned that the first year is going to be exhausting—but the benefits of an instant family are worth it!

Big groups are rare.

It may seem like every Facebook share has got a sibling group of six kids waiting to be adopted, but the majority of sibling groups have two kids. You can search for the exact number of children that you need for your forever family need to be afraid!

“Special needs” need not be scary.—

Sibling groups are deemed “special needs” within foster agencies, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they have developmental issues. For sibling groups, the designation is solely because they want them to stick together.



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