5 Ways to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

Get ready to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day on March 21st this year! Here are some ways you can celebrate.

Ellen Haws March 16, 2018
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World Down Syndrome Day is held March 21 each year as a way to bring awareness to individuals with Down Syndrome.  It is a chance to educate, advocate and support this awesome community.  Here are five ideas for ways you can celebrate World Down Syndrome Day.

1. Wear Odd Socks!   First, go watch this insanely adorable video of Miss Chloe asking for your support.  Why odd socks?  One adorable sister duo explain it on their blog as the following: “This is to show that people with Down’s syndrome are different but the same! None of us like feeling left out, people with Down’s syndrome are no exception. They want to be included, so reach out and get to know the person, not the condition.

An odd pair of socks may be a different pattern or colour but can still be worn together quite happily if we change our attitudes about having to wear matching socks. So to wear non-matching socks is to remind us that the way we think is really important, and makes a difference to whether people with Down’s syndrome feel included or not.”

2. Be fashionable with a message!  Sport your favorite Down Syndrome t-shirt on 3.21 to help educate others!  Whether you Love Homies With Extra Chromies  or you speak Seanese there are lots of great designs out there.

3. Support a business owned by an individual with Down Syndrome!  There are so many great companies out there owned by individuals with Down Syndrome.  Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day by supporting them!  Pick yourself up some new socks, a bath bomb or treats for your furry child.

4.Help advocate and educate!  Post a story about a loved one with Down Syndrome. Share any one of the amazing videos created in honor of World Down Syndrome Day to social media! Donate a book about Down Syndrome to your local library. Get a #theluckyfew tattoo! Watch a documentary on Down Syndrome.  Celebrate by dedicating part of your time becoming more educated about Down Syndrome.

5.Do a random act of kindness for another.  Go out of your way to bring a smile to the face of another person.  Take some of the kindness and love you experience when you interact with individuals with Down Syndrome and share it forward to another.

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Ellen Haws

Ellen Haws is a writer and stay-at-home momster to two boys. She is an advocate for special needs individuals and special needs adoption. She created and is administrator of a thriving Facebook group that promotes and hosts events for special needs individuals and their families in Arizona. Once her hausfrau duties are finished, Ellen can be found creating sarcastic cross stitch art for her loved ones.

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