6 Baby Shower Gifts Ideal for Birth Mothers

Although a birth mother won’t be needing diapers, baby lotion, or clothes for the baby, there are other things that will help her to celebrate the birth and feel loved.

Denalee Chapman July 20, 2016
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When a woman decides to place her baby for adoption, she willingly forgoes most of the wonderful experiences of motherhood. But there’s one experience she should be able to fully enjoy: a baby shower.

Throwing a baby shower for a birth mother is a sweet gift of friendship, caring and even understanding. Although a birth mother won’t be needing diapers, baby lotion, or clothes for the baby, there are other things that will help her to celebrate the birth and feel loved. Gift ideas at a baby shower for a birth mother could include:

  1. Gift Card for a Digital Photo Book: It is likely that pictures will be taken at the hospital, including birth mother/baby photos as well as placement photos. For the birth mother to be able to turn those into a photo book right after delivery would be a great gift. The memory will be preserved and the moments remembered.
  2. Home-from-the-Hospital Baby Outfit: Although the baby won’t be going home with the birth mother, for some, the outfit can be their contribution to the beginning of a great life for the baby.
  3. Pamper-me Box: Birth Mom will need some special care, including a little self-pampering. To have a box of things she probably wouldn’t buy for herself would be a tender gift. Included in the box could be sweet-smelling lotion, a fun DVD and popcorn, a gift card for a massage, and more.
  4. Comfy PJs or Bathrobe: It’ll be at least a few days of physical recuperation before the birth mother can feel ready to tackle the world. There’s nothing like brand-new lounging garments to make those days comfortable!
  5. Plaster Hand or Foot Print Kit: As a lasting reminder of her baby’s tiny little hands or feet, making a plaster print while in the hospital is a great idea!
  6. Friend-Date Coupons: Invite all attending the shower to choose a date on the monthly calendar to have a friend-date with the birth mother. Sometimes, getting out and resuming normal life is emotionally challenging. With dates already set up, it may be easier for the birth mother to regain normalcy.

Helping a birth mother celebrate the birth of her child and her choice to place for adoption is an act of true friendship and something that she will honestly appreciate! Enjoy your venture in planning a wonderful shower for your friend!

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Denalee Chapman

Denalee is an adoptive mother, a motivational speaker, a writer, and a lover of life. She and her husband have adventured through the hills and valleys of life to find that the highest highs and the lowest lows are equally fulfilling. Book Denalee to speak to your group, or find Denalee's writings, including her books on her website at DenaleeChapman.com.

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