Hey there all you adoptive parents out there – can you sense when another one of “us” is around? Do you find yourself looking at families and wondering about their stories? Do you fit into any of these categories? (Let’s be real, we probably all fit into each of these categories sometime in any given day!)

1. The Loud and Proud Adoptive Parents

We love our kids, we love our adoptions, and we don’t care who knows it! We’ll shout from the rooftops about the joys of our adoption stories and our children. Our kids don’t look like us, but we’ll tell you why that is, and we’ll tell you exactly what makes them so awesome!

2. The Overwhelmed Adoptive Parents

We’ve got baseball and soccer and choir practice and homework, not to mention a spouse, other kids, and a job. Forget trying to get out of the house for date night – that’s a thing of the past! We’re so busy running our kids here and there, trying to keep them socialized and keep their schedules straight is a logistical nightmare. Then throw in making time to discuss the important issues each child is dealing with – including adoption – and whew! It’s enough to make anyone need a nap just thinking about it!

3. The Go With the Flow Adoptive Parents

Perhaps the envy of the “overwhelmed APs,” the GWTFers take things in stride. We don’t seem to mind if our child ate junk food all day or decided they weren’t going to brush their hair or put on a matching outfit. Being able to brush off the small stuff is a necessity for us. The house might not be clean, but the kids are happy, so we’re happy.

4. The Super Adoptive Parents

Got a task that needs done? No problem. We can make dinner, feed a baby, kiss a boo boo, and help the oldest with his homework in the blink of an eye. We’ve got this parenting thing down pat. Our kids know their stories, and can practically recite them in their sleep. And through it all, we’ve got a smile on our face.

5. The “I Just Can’t Even” Adoptive Parents

We all know that not being our child’s biological parents brings a whole slew of challenges that sometimes it’s just better to leave well enough alone. So, these parents are the ones who, when a stranger says something like, “She must look like her dad because she looks nothing like you.” “Are you his REAL parents?” or “Wow, you’re such a special person, I could never do what you’re doing,” we don’t even turn around before rolling our eyes, letting out an audible sigh, and educating them about proper adoption language.

6. The “We’re Just Like You” Adoptive Parents

Because we are just like every other parent on the planet, except in a slightly different way. And that’s just fine with us!

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