It’s no secret that adoption can be expensive—everything from adoption agency fees, to home studies, to birth parent costs, to lawyer fees, to travel expenses adds up. Here are a few nearly red-tape free ways to help you on your way.

Family and Friends Plan

It’s never easy to ask family and friends for money, but you’d be surprised to find out just how many people are in your corner until you ask. Adoption is a worthy cause. Consider putting out a “penny jar” at home or work (check with your HR department first); request donations instead of holiday or birthday presents or offer to clean, rake, or mow for a small contribution.

Have a Make Sale

Has anyone ever told you that you take the best photos, paint the best pictures, crochet the best blankets, craft the best crafts, or bake the best brownies? Why not put their money where their mouth is and offer up your goods? Whether you keep it face-to-face or create a blog, go Etsy, or send out an email blast, this is a great way to tune-up your talent while bringing in some extra funds. Who knows, maybe a budding business will be discovered in the process!

Blog About It

Speaking of blogs, do you have one? Blogs are a great way to share your story and gain followers in addition to those who already know and love you. Everybody loves a happy ending, and you may find yourself one post closer to meeting your goal while honing your writing skills. It’s also a great way to meet other families going through the adoption process who may be able to share additional tips to get you on your way!


You’ve probably participated in a charity walk or run at some point to raise money for a cause you believe in. Why not go the distance and plan your own “-athon” be it walking, biking, jump roping. The possibilities are endless. Plan it out, pick your date, and invite your friends and their friends to join in the fun. Ask for a flat donation to participate and/or have participants gather donations per step, mile, jump, etc.

Lemonade or ______ Stand

No joke, there is money to be made selling a cold, sweet drink on the corner on a hot summer day. Not into stands? Invite some friends or finally get to know that neighbor you keep meaning to reach out to and have a sit-and-sip in the backyard. Want to take it up a notch? Consider hosting a wine tasting. You can offer several tastes for a flat rate. You could also ask your friends and neighbors to bring a bottle to save your overhead and add to the cause. Not into wine? Beer works. Not into alcohol? Try virgin anythings and don’t forget to break out the red solo cups.

Plan a Dinner Party

Everybody compliments your cooking and asks you for your recipes. Everybody needs to eat. Plan a prix fixe meal for your foodie friends, slip on your best apron, and have a blast sharing a meal while making some cash for a good cause.

Garage Sale

Tried but true, garage sales never go out of style. If taking the time to turn your driveway into a pop-up store isn’t your thing, consider posting you’re used yet no-longer-needed items on eBay, Craigslist, or a local community marketplace website.



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