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What does it mean to be adopted?

How does it feel to know you had
a mother who loved you so much
she gave you up?

How does it feel to know you had
a dad who may not even know you
were born?

How many times do I cry myself
asleep wishing the hole they left
could be filled?

I’ll never know if she was good, or
bad, if she really loved me, or if she
just didn’t want a (fatherless) child.

I’ll never know what he did with his
life, if he was a doctor or a soldier, a
good dad, or one who was never there.

Every night I wish I knew more than
her name, and more then he was not
around, every night I cry.

Every night I cry.
Every night I wonder who they are,
Every night I wonder if they remember me,
Every night.

Credits: Heather Amanda

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