There is a new devotional book out now for mothers whose lives have been, or are getting ready to be, forever impacted by adoption.  Adopted for Daily Life: A Devotional for Adopting Moms captures twenty-seven relevant themes that are often found within the unique experience of adoptive parenting.

This devotional was written by 25 adoptive mothers. Each mother’s journey through adoption is profound, and insightful. All types of adoption are represented: international, domestic/private, and foster care adoption. The mothers joined together to create a devotional that inspires, encourages, and “softens the walk” for other mothers in the world who are hoping to adopt.

The topics explored in this devotional are: adoption, self-care, faith, barrenness, worry, beholding Christ, fear, trust, joy, disappointment, hope, depression, failure, humility, anger, spiritual warfare, purpose, waiting, endurance, loss, providence, his presence, my shepherd, remembering, peace, and love. Each contributor wrote from a deeply personal place. Shared stories and personal experiences provide readers with an opportunity to connect with the authors and reflect on their own personal journeys.

Here is an excerpt from the devotional:

“Sometimes I feel as if I’m doing this all wrong. Being a mama is hard. My dishes are piled in my sink as I type this. I had to dig through dirty clothes that were in the floor to find pajamas for my baby because the flu has overtaken our house this week. It’s Monday and I haven’t bought groceries for the week. Toys are scattered all over my living room and if I hear Mickey Mouse Clubhouse one more time, I think I might scream. 

“However, these are insignificant to the despairs you might be feeling today. Loving children that come from hard places is difficult. You might have numerous therapy appointments scheduled this week. You might feel as if you’re the only parent who is still having trouble bonding with your child.  You might feel as if this calling to adopt has taken you out in the wilderness and left you with nothing but pain, like Hagar. But God didn’t leave her there.” 

Adoption is a life-long experience. Families who have adopted understand that with each milestone in a child’s life comes a variety of potential challenges. The love felt towards an adopted child is truly no different than that of a birth child; however, there are different and distinct challenges that come along with adoptive parenting.

This devotional, written from the hearts of adoptive mothers, tackles these challenges head-on and in a way that leaves the reader with the recognition that some of the hardships are felt by other adoptive parents, and in a sense, are normal trials faced by many.  Most of all, though, the reader will walk away with the knowledge and belief that adoption is a gift. It challenges hearts, transforms lives, and leaves a legacy.

Adopted for Daily Life: A Devotional for Adopting Moms is available on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. One hundred percent of the proceeds go towards finding permanent families for orphaned children in Nicaragua. By your purchase of this book, you too, can be a part of the greater community that is adoption.