“I am a high school teacher and I love the many resources that Gladney provides! They have provided lots of hands on instruction including guest speakers. My students really enjoy learning about adoption!”

Adoption, a topic often surrounded by misconceptions and incomplete information, is brought into focus by AdoptED—an Online Learning System presented by The Gladney Center for Adoption. With a mission to empower students to make educated decisions based on factual information about adoption, this program has become a vital resource in classrooms nationwide. Explore the program, benefits, and testimonials surrounding AdoptED. 

AdoptED: Bridging Gaps in Adoption Education 

Introduced in 2015, AdoptED has been a transformative force in educating over 70,000 students on the intricacies of adoption across the United States. This virtual classroom provides a free, accessible, and evidence-based curriculum loved by both students and teachers alike. 

Customizable Curriculum: Tailored to fit the unique needs and priorities of individual classrooms. 

Interactive Learning Modules: Engaging content, including multiple-choice quizzes, true or false assessments, videos, and graphics. 

Virtual Classroom Drop-Ins: AdoptED educators virtually drop into classrooms to help unpack important adoption concepts. 

Self-Paced Learning: Students can access the program on personal devices for independent learning at their own pace. 

Adoption Education Essentials 

AdoptED’s curriculum is designed to cover essential knowledge and skills requirements set by most states. It focuses on: 

● Decision-making 

● Life skills 

● Emotional awareness 

● Historical references 

● Vocabulary 

Current Lessons 

AdoptED offers a variety of self-paced lesson plans with popular topics including “Adoption 101” and the recently added “Foster Care & Adoption.” These lessons provide comprehensive overviews, address unplanned pregnancies, explain adoption plans, and discuss reasons for choosing adoption and the historical context of foster care.


Educators and students alike have praised AdoptED for its effectiveness and impact on adoption education. Heather Gutierrez from Klein ISD expressed how the course enhances students’ understanding, while Nikki Sheppard from Monahans High found the online curriculum to be amazing for high school students. 

“The online curriculum was amazing for my high school students to learn about adoption.” – Nikki Sheppard, Monahans High 

“I love it because it’s a self-paced module that presents information about adoption in a relevant way to teenagers.” – Cristy Boggan, Houston High School 

“We LOVE this simulation! Thank you!” – Erin Clifford, Bolingbrook High 

By the Numbers: To underscore the importance of adoption education, AdoptED provides key statistics: 

AdoptED stands as a beacon of accessible and comprehensive adoption education, fostering understanding and empathy among students. With its customizable curriculum, interactive modules, and positive testimonials, AdoptED continues to play a pivotal role in shaping informed and compassionate future generations. 

Are you an educator or administrator? Sign up for AdoptED’s virtual classroom and empower your students with accurate and engaging adoption education. Visit AdoptED to learn more and register for this transformative program. 

AdoptED is not merely a curriculum; it’s a platform that bridges knowledge gaps, dispels myths, and fosters a deeper understanding of adoption—a journey that transforms lives and creates lasting connections.