Pamela is an adult adoptee–an adult adoptee who has been disenchanted with adoption. Hers was a closed adoption, but that didn’t stop Pamela from finding out about her roots. For 28 years, Pamela suffered from abandonment and rejection, which led to destructive behavior and substance abuse. Through finding out about her past and searching for and finding her birth family, Pamela has been able to find the truth, acknowledge the truth, and begin healing. Her mantra? “It is impossible to heal a wound by denying it’s there.”

Pamela lives her life in recovery. Sharing her journey with the world, she hopes to help others to get on their own journeys, as well. Although her birth parents have not shown interest in pursuing a relationship, Pamela’s joy has come in finding her siblings. And there’s no doubt that continued feelings of rejection from her birth parents have inflicted pain, but Pamela says, “I’m thankful for my truth. I believe truth is the only answer to healing.”

Pamela reaches out to other adoptees seeking to find their truths through her blog and Facebook page. She also helps with search and reunification. Additionally, Pamela supports adoptee rights and seeks to help change adoption laws that restrict knowledge of the truth. She hopes her efforts will help other adoptees know that they aren’t alone and that the way they feel is “natural for a not-natural situation“ (being separated from biological roots at the beginning of birth).