Jack & Emma’s Adoptee Journey by Pam Kroskie is a small treasure trove of information for those familiar with adoption, as well as those who aren’t. This simple children’s book can be an effective way to help adopted children sort out certain thoughts and feelings regarding their adoptions. Not only does it explain how adoptees might feel about their adoptions in terms a young child can understand, it also has the capacity to teach adults how they can approach adoption with their children and other family members. Throughout the book, Kroskie offers tips and ideas to help young adoptees express themselves and become comfortable with their adoption stories on their own terms.

As the adoptive mother of one, and as an adoptee as well, I feel like this book will be a staple to my adoption library. As I read it to my six-year-old son, I felt as if it was helping him understand more about his story. This book can help parents teach him effective ways to express his emotions about adoption, whether they be positive or negative. This story also shows the benefits of being open and honest to adoptees about their adoption stories. Adoption carries with it trauma that a young child will need help to work through.  Kroskie assures the adoptee reader that these feelings are natural and valid.

My son Harley identified with many of the things Emma and Jack were faced with as adoptees.  On his sixth birthday, which was only a few weeks ago, Harley asked if his birth mom was thinking about him. Jack wonders this very same thing in the story.

Jack & Emma’s Adoptee Journey provides great tips on how to approach the feelings of an adoptee, and I know I will be able to refer back to it when my son is older and experiences more and becomes more curious about his story. Until then, he will still enjoy reading about Jack & Emma. I highly recommend this book for the adoptee and adoptive family alike!