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Adoptee, Meg Kearney, takes us into the life of a teenage adoptee, a gifted writer, named Liz. Through poetry and journaling, Liz shares her day-to-day life experiences, her innermost feelings, her hopes, and her anger. In a most artistic way, Meg writes Liz’s life, drawing the reader in as if the books are each a part of a mini-series and we can’t wait to see what Liz is doing and feeling in the current episode.

The Secret of Me is the first, followed by The Girl in the Mirror, and completing the trilogy is When You Never Said Good-bye. Through the books we learn from a teenager’s perspective, what it’s like to know you were first introduced to your parents through a phone call rather than a pregnancy test, what it’s like to have younger siblings who are biologically your parents’ child, connecting with friends who are also adopted, and longing to know your roots. Liz involved others in her search for her birth mother and does some sleuthing herself. Avoiding the trendy search method called social media, Liz finds other ways.

At last, reunification takes place. Adoptees from a closed adoption who search and find are filled with a plethora of emotions. Meg captures those emotions and writes as Liz, a young person who ploughs through it all.

If you are connected to adoption in any way, you’ll find Meg Kearney’s writing irresistible. If you’re an adoptive parent in a closed adoption, Meg gives insight into the heart and mind of a teenager which could prove invaluable to you as you help your child navigate their own journey.

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