Why Did You Choose Me is a very vibrant and expressive book about the love between parent and child. The story is about a child who was adopted and asked her mother the question, “Why did you choose me?”

The following pages take the reader through some scenarios and questions that the child imagines. Some are humorous, such as, “You could have found someone who could juggle bowls upon their head.” Others are more serious, “Don’t you ever wish, even if it was just for a day, that you had chosen someone who liked everything your way?”

The mother responds to her daughter that it was never a question or choice, it was “Oh, darling, darling child, you’re part of this family” and “It was no choice for me. From the moment that I saw you, I had found my sweet baby.”

I really enjoyed reading this book and reading it to my daughter. She loved the whimsical and beautiful pictures and illustrations. It is a children’s book which addresses many common adoption related situations in a way that children can relate.

The daughter in the book asks many questions to her adoptive mother, such as, “Do you want someone that looks like you, that likes to make their bed, or likes to pick up their toys?” The mother addresses each question in a positive and truthful manner, that she doesn’t care who her daughter looks like, would be happy if she made her bed, but is happy to have her messes.

It was a very insightful book that I feel would validate children’s feelings and questions in a positive manner. This book could be a great tool to open up discussion with your adopted child.

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