It can feel a little silly, unnatural, uncomfortable: paying money to adopt a child that is already “yours.” Sometimes, it’s hard to understand the costs that accompany any form of adoption, let alone a family or kinship adoption.

There are many reasons for the fees accompanying adoption. At times, they feel restrictive and hard to reconcile, but they are necessary. First, there are the legal fees that accompany adoption. As with any process, there are rules, laws, and fees that apply to changing the legal guardianship of a child. This often covers the fees of legal representation, court, and filing fees. Also, there are name changes, social security cards, and birth certificates.

After the finalization is done, some families seek therapies or post-placement services. You can find an adoption agency in your community to provide you with the guidance that is often necessary after the adoption of a child. When an adoption happens, there is undoubtedly trauma. This can result in behaviors that can seem to come “out of nowhere.” Therapy and post-placement support groups can help you learn how to cope with their behaviors as well as facilitate healing. All these services have a cost, a fee.

Depending on your area, local and state laws, it is possible to adopt with low fees and low out-of-pocket costs. In some areas, you will not be required to continue post-placement services, and that will reduce the cost of the adoption as well. A little research and planning can help in saving you unnecessary expenses.

Also, contact your tax preparer and/or accountant; there are tax benefits after an adoption. You can ask your preparer if those benefits would apply to you and your family. Be sure to inquire about your state and federal tax benefits.

Adoption can and will be an emotional ride. It can feel hard to reconcile the financial aspect of the process, but try to focus on the important part of the journey. This is a beautiful blessing for all of you.



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