The holidays are one of the most generous times of the year. People not only gift items, but also gift their time. We also love to be with and support our loved ones and so this time of year might be the perfect opportunity to host a successful adoption fundraiser!

I love the idea of an ornament fundraiser. One idea is to create a tree filled with ornaments that express your journey and hopes for adoption. My tree would have HOPE ornaments, pink and blue booties, and hearts. Then you can auction off the tree as a whole or auction off individual ornaments.

Another idea is to make multiples of the same ornament and collect donations in return for an ornament. When our son first came to our family, my sister asked for a Down Syndrome Awareness ornament for their tree. We purchased clear ball ornaments and filled them with blue and yellow butterflies, the symbol and colors for Down Syndrome Awareness. These would have made great fundraising ornaments!

What about a gift-wrapping fundraiser? Collect all your friends and families together at a central location, crank up the holiday tunes, and offer to wrap people’s gifts for a donation! I would LOVE to be able to drop off my bag of presents and come back an hour later and the gifts are beautifully wrapped, tied, and tagged! A Christmas miracle! And let’s be honest, it sounds like a lot of fun to me to sit around a table, wrapping gifts, and giggling with your friends. It puts the fun back in fundraiser.

I totally stole this next idea from the neighbor kid who is always pushing lemonade my way. What about asking to set up a hot chocolate table at your community’s light show? So many people love to come look at lights as a family fun holiday outing, add to the spirit by sharing hot chocolate with your community and request donations to support your fundraiser for adoption. I love this idea because it serves multiple purposes. First the community love, second – chocolate, third it spreads advocacy and positive vibes amongst the community about adoption. It gives you a chance to educate others while raising funds. That is a win-win. Santa would approve!

Christmas is a great time to focus on the positive and to lift others up. Providing service to others is a great way to spread the holiday cheer. I truly believe that when we put good things into the world, goodness will be returned to us. And sometimes what we need most as an adoptive parent is hope.

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