I love this cute trend of adoption announcing! And with adoption, you get to do it twice! First you announce, “We are hoping to adopt,” and then you announce “We have adopted!” Both are such fun news! But how are you going to announce it? How will you tell them about your new adventure? Never fear! Check out these cute suggestions and get inspired.

I feel like the we-are-hoping-to-adopt announcement is kind of nerve-racking! My best advice is to do what is most natural for you. Are you a fun couple? Announce it in a fun way! I love this balloon announcement. More traditional? Maybe just a sweet shot with the two of you holding a sign that says “Hoping to adopt.” Check out some more traditional announcements of all these cute families!

Announcing your beautiful baby is so fun. Some families announce when they are matched. I adore this video of one sweet family making the decision to adopt. How fun will this be for their child to watch? How fun is this for the birth family to see? It is such a beautiful video in celebration of adoption. Other families wait to announce their baby until after placement. I love this selection of announcement cards you could send to your loved ones. But my favorite announcements are for adoptions of older children. I love the way this announcement highlights the family’s sense of humor. And I love the sweet simplicity of the extra shoes in this shot.

There are so many cute options out there, but let’s get real for a second: no matter what you do, whether it is extravagant, adorable, or even memorable isn’t really important. What is really important is this beautiful family you are creating. Announcements allow everyone in your life to celebrate with you. It allows you to begin to build your adoption tribe. The point is no matter how you announce it, share the news! Because families are worth celebrating.