At age 11, Caroline was the youngest person ever to get a hysterectomy. Being struck with a horrendous bacterial infection, her uterus, fallopian tubes and right ovary were removed. Skilled surgeons were able to save her left ovary. At that age, she heard the words that she would be barren but didn’t comprehend what that would mean as she grew up.


Although from the outside Caroline was just like all her friends–participating in sports, music, shopping, and parties–without her female organs, Caroline never had menstrual cycle. She was left out of the monthly complaining that binds young women together.

Through the years Caroline was told “You can always adopt” so often that she began to despise the idea of adoption. She was dealing with infertility and being barren, which really has nothing to do with adoption. Caroline was grieving her loss, not looking to cover it up. As adoption was mentioned over and over, it felt like people were trying to place a band aid on a gigantic sore that needed attention. She needed to grieve.

And then, at age 20, her left ovary was taken. The required prescription may have helped physically, but for Caroline – she became angry. Every visit to the pharmacy was a bold reminder of her absolute barrenness.

Anger gave way to love and acceptance when, in her early twenties, Caroline met the man she would marry. She knew that she had no choice but to accept her physical situation–but he did. And yet, her husband chose love over fertility. He has made it clear in word and action that Caroline is the love of his life, and he has never regretted his choice. Caroline’s husband accepted barrenness as his life story, as well.


Their early marriage thrived, just the two of them. And then, a few years into their life together, they took in a relative who needed a home. Although temporary, this sparked the fire that would grow in their hearts and would lead to adoption. Caroline recalls how all paths in their lives led to this decision. Work choices, infertility, and more. And she acknowledges that God is in control–that through His omniscience and His grace, He allows hardship in our lives and directs our paths, if we allow it. Because He knows the end from the beginning, as we trod on our paths with faith in Him, we will be brought to our greatest joys. Caroline and her husband’s greatest joys came through foster care, which eventually resulted in the adoption of their three beautiful children.

Family Selfie

In Caroline’s words, “I cannot imagine life without them. Each one of my children is a walking miracle, and the fact that my husband and I love them with such a natural essence is a miracle. We immediately fell in love. We feel blessed to be their parents. To me, adoption is a miracle.”

Caroline shares details of their glorious lives on her website.