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I have been haunted by a lifetime of “why’s”

Are you haunted by the echo of your babies cries?

I have wondered what was in that heart of yours.

You have left me locked behind closed doors.

And what will I find within your soul-

Will two halves finally make a whole?

Are the answers hidden in your core-

or do I not matter to you anymore?

Were you filled with confusion,with rage

to let go of a life at such a young age?

How can I understand the plan

If I don’t know where I began?

I look in the mirror hoping to see

a similar reflection stare back at me.

You can be anything inside my mind,

but can I accept the realities that I may find?

Do you want to remember me, or do the memories fade

Will you tell me I’m the most beautiful thing you ever made

Or would you look at me & only fret

because mine is an existance you’d rather forget?

And through it all something holds me back-

Afraid to forgo fiction or fact

Is it something for you that’s to hard to face

even though my heart was yours in the first place?

And through all of these wondering years

have we grown strong enough to face our fears?

Am I similar to any creature you’ve known?

Would you want to know about how I’ve grown?

I never got a chance to say goodbye

And so I live a lifetime of “why ?”

There are so many things I need to know

for that is the only way that I can let you go.

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