How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Child? A Guide.

Learn how to prepare for the financial, mental, and spiritual costs of adoption.

Jeanette Green June 26, 2015

Welcome to the wonderful world of adoption. At your journey’s end, you will be stronger, kinder, and more grateful for life’s challenges. You will experience more joy and love than you imagined possible. You will experience pain . . . but the cost of adoption is insignificant compared to the blessing of adoption. Trust in the process, listen to your heart, and be prepared to witness miracles firsthand. Every cost is an investment towards a brighter future. Even though the cost of adoption is high, the blessings of family pay off for years to come.

Though the joys of adoption are beautifully life-changing, these joys come at a cost. Even though most people consider the financial costs of adoption first, every adoption brings spiritual and mental cost as well. Through this guide you learn the cost of adoption on your pocketbook, but more importantly the cost to your mind, as you focus all your energy on your future child, as well as your heart, as you emotionally prepare for a new child. In the end every cost ends up building new mental and emotional capacities inside a parent willing to fight for their child.

This guide helps prepare you for both the financial and mental/spiritual cost of adoption.

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Jeanette Green

Jeanette Green is a mother to three beautiful children--two through the blessing of adoption. She is a firm believer that we never walk alone, the sun continues to shine even when we can’t feel its rays, and you can’t get sick from raw cookie dough. Various life experiences have taught her that life never turns out like we expect. But if we’re patient, we learn that it’s better that way. To learn more about Jeanette and her crew, visit The Green Piece

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