Family’s Whose Video Went Viral Shares Their Story

Bruce and Christina offer hope and encouragement for others waiting for their adoption dreams to come true.

Caroline Bailey March 09, 2016
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Recently, a video of adoptive parents Bruce and Christina, surrounded by their family and friends as they met their newborn son for the first time, was posted on Facebook.  Soon, the video went viral and received millions of views, nearly seventy thousand shares, and a multitude of likes and comments. In the background, the faint music of “How He Loves” by the David Crowder band was playing. Still yet, there was a peaceful silence in the room, and that silence spoke volumes. The power of this moment caught on video was incredibly moving.

When Bruce and Christina were dating, they had discussed adoption. They suspected infertility might be an issue for the couple due to Christina’s medical history. Despite their suspicions, they tried to conceive for several years, and eventually sought fertility testing.  After receiving the confirmation of infertility, Bruce and Christina began the next step in their adoption journey. Although sad about not being able to have a biological child, they were able to move on rather quickly in their pursuit of adoption.

The couple went through the long process of approval with Family Life Services Adoption Agency. They were a “waiting couple” for one year and twenty-four days (not that they were counting or anything). Like many adoptive families, the wait time was more than just a year or so. Through the five years of trying to conceive, the two years of fundraising and saving money, and the home study process, Bruce and Christina consider their wait time to be eight years.

“Have faith in the journey and be patient.”

When their son, AJ, was carried into the room, both were immediately enamored by him.  The family states, “The 8 years of waiting came to an end in that instant. Eight years of longing, tears, mourning, and finally faith in God that he would grow our family. In that moment, we felt that we were the only ones present in that room. It was so surreal.”

Viewers of the video cannot help but notice how overcome with emotion they both were.  The couple’s pastor reminded them that in the beginning of creation, God had planned for them to be the parents of their son. For Bruce, upon hearing his pastor’s words, the realization that God planned for him to be the father of this boy also reminded him of what an incredible honor it is to be AJ’s father. Christina states, “For me all I could do was think how perfect he was. I just wanted to drink in every feature of his little face and hold him close to me at the same time. My heart was so full of love for him the moment he came into the room.”

Life has changed in an amazing way for the couple. To be parents to AJ, to have this moment caught on video, and the subsequent popularity of it, has been overwhelming.  Their hope for AJ is that he will know just how much they love him, and that he always feels secure. They also hope that others who have watched the video will be inspired to consider adoption.

As for the song playing in the background, the couple was not even aware of it as they were so caught up in the moment of meeting their son.  Here are some of the lyrics to the song:

“He is jealous for me, Loves like a hurricane; I am a tree, bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy. When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory, and I realize just how beautiful You are, and how great Your affections are for me.” –David Crowder Band

For Bruce and Christina, the lyrics to this song remind them that despite their struggles through the journey of infertility, God very much loves them. 

Their story, and the video that touched the hearts of millions, is exactly why adoption is one of the most beautiful and blessed experiences in life. The advice they give to others who are facing similar challenges is this: “Have faith in the journey and be patient. We knew it was going to be arduous and an emotional roller coaster; however, I do not think we quite grasped the enormity of the task in front of us. The ups and downs of the waiting and the disappointments were at times draining but a part of the journey we had tried to prepare ourselves for. We want everyone to know that although the costs and time involved seem overwhelming Adoption is a real possibility. Friends and family will help make the dream a reality. There are grants available and wonderful agencies across the country that will answer any questions that arise. Please consider adoption. You may be just the right parents for a little baby you don’t even know yet.”

Yes, adoption is a mighty thing.

Watch the video here.

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Caroline Bailey

Caroline is a mother of three children through adoption and a strong advocate for the needs of children and families involved in the child welfare system in the United States. At the age of eleven (1983), she underwent an emergency hysterectomy in order to save her life. Caroline is the youngest person to have a hysterectomy. Her life has been profoundly affected by infertility. In 2006, Caroline and her husband, Bruce, became licensed foster parents. They were blessed to adopt two of their children through foster care in 2008 and 2010. Their youngest child is a relative of Caroline, and they celebrated his adoption in 2013. Caroline works for a Christian child welfare agency in Missouri. She has been a guest speaker at churches and conferences regarding adoption and is currently working on a memoir about the impact of illness, faith, foster care, and adoption in her life. Caroline is also an avid cyclist and enjoys cheering her children on in their various sporting activities. She shares her experience about foster care, adoption, barrenness, parenting, and faith on her blog. She would love to hear from you! Contact her at

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