Talk to adoptive families about affording the adoption process, and you’ll likely get a slew of responses. Perhaps you’ll even get a few book recommendations with advice on how to afford the adoption process without driving your family into debt.

Don’t be surprised if author Natalie Brenner of Portland, Oregon pops up on the list–she just released a free eBook that tackles this exact topic.

A mom through the process of adoption herself, Brenner knows firsthand how daunting it can be to afford the adoption process.

In her book Financing Adoption with Fundraising, Brenner candidly shares how she and her husband were able to afford the adoption of their son while living on a $26,000 annual salary.

With the average domestic infant adoption costing more than their annual salary alone, the Brenners knew they needed help, so they fundraised.

“To this day, fifteen months after we brought our son home and nearly two years after we officially announced our adoption journey, tears sting my eyes when I think of the support that rallied around our family,” she writes.

In 30-pages packed with valuable insight and personal experiences, Brenner first walks readers through deciding whether fundraising is a good option for them.

Next, she explores dozens of creative fundraising opportunities that have been tried and tested by other adoptive families.

Throughout the pages, Brenner answers common concerns that are from families looking for financial help with affording the adoption process.

“Your child is waiting for you. They are worth the ask. They are worth building your village. They are worth humbling ourselves time and time again, to ask for help and to invite people onto this beautiful journey of adoption,” she writes.

To download a free copy of Brenner’s e-book, Financing Adoption with Fundraising, click HERE.

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