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Thread: Mongolia?
Hi Marianne,
I hope your offer to provide further information still stands, despite its being 18 years old. I'm researching for Mongolian adoption for my master's thesis and was hoping you might be willing to answer a few questions about the Mongolian adoption process.
Thanks very much in advance for any assistance you can provide.
Kind regards,
We have adopted from Mongolia. We worked with Holt International Children's servoices, home based in Oregon, bu has branches in many states. They have their own website. We adopted 2 children from Korean and then "we were too old", so we adopted our 3rd from Mongolia. I traveled to Mongolia in May, 2002. She was 3 and 1/2 and now just turned five. Holt is very reputable; they started the international adoptions from Korea 50 years ago and were the first to place children in the US from Mongolia. If you would like any more info, respond to me.