My husband and I are looking to find an agency that has a domestic Hispanic infant program. Does anyone know of one? Please PM me.
Did you get any type of info yet? If so....can you forward it on to us or PM me...thanks, Melodie
My husband and I are also interested in adopting a domestic hispanic infant. We have called many agencies and they all say the same thing, how few hispanic babies they actually get. But if anyone knows of a place, please pass the info onto me. THanks
I am a foster/adoptive parent in TX (Houston) for CPS. I used to get a lot of calls for biracial/hispanic babies. (I have recently adopted & taking a break from fostering) Have you looked into fostering for CPS?
OH yes....we fostered for 2 years in our state and were NOT happy with fostering..........because there are so many NAmerical children in the foster system here and they leave them in the foster system for years and years before adoption happens! We had 24 little ones in 2 years......toooooo much heart ache for us!
We are adopting from Guatemala and should be able to bring our little one home within 2 months! Thanks for all the info.........Melodie
I am a foster parent in Houston Tx for the state & get a lot of calls for biracial/hispanic babies. Hope this helps.
I didn't mean to respond 2x-the 1st post was "denied" because I referred to CPS & now I see it there. Sorry - I'm new at this.
God bless you - TM Lewis-24 children in 2 years - thats amazing. I did not have an easy time with the foster/adoption of my son but in the end I was blessed to be able to adopt him.
Please pm information to me also. Interested in reputable Texas agencies that place Hispanic/Latino infants or AA/Hispanic infants.
I see other people have had similar questions. We are interested in a hispanic adoption. We have already completed our homestudy. We do not have any children. I am currently signed up with a local agency that has not had hardly any birthmothers come through. Can anyone refer me to a good agency that has healthy hispanic infants? As everyone here knows adoption can become very expensive. I am looking for an agency that charges less than $18k in total fees? Any suggestions? You can send me a PM. Thanks :love:
My husband and I are hoping to adopt a Hispanic/Latino infant as well. We are looking for a way / agency to do this. I would appreciate any information! Please send me a private message!
Please PM us as well for hispanic baby adoption. We live in TX. Appreciate the information in advance.
I am interested in domestic adoption of a hispanic baby. I am in the San Jose, CA. Please PM me with any information on agencies.