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My kids were 12, 7 for the older2 and 8 and 6 for the younger 2. The oldest one’s name is iffy but it got him at 13 and his birth mother convinced him to keep it. The next one has a name most can live with. The 2 little ones had questionable names and both chose to change their names. Third son changed first and middle while youngest changed his first. Try talking to the kids.
We will know next week if two children who we have been identified for will have their parents rights terminated. they are 3 and 4. we absolutely hate their names. they do not at all go with the flow of our families names and my older child's. In every way no one will know they are adopted except if you heard their names.
I have been online seeing if adoptive parents change the children's name and they say they do but I want to know HOW they went about changing the toddlers name to make it a smooth transition.