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ISO Male with given name RICHARD born in NJ 1950-1951. Possibly born at the Margaret Hague maternity hospital.
We have been told that there was another son born to my fathers bmom. His presence was documented when they followed up on the birth family after my father was adopted. Although it just stated that there was a child present in the home in good condition the age, gender and name of the child or this childs bfather was not mentioned in this home visit.
According to one of the oldest siblings this childs given name was Richard. Given the date of the home visit this means that he lived in Guttenberg with the birth family in early 1951. According to another sibling, pictures of the bmoms "figure and size" reveal that the baby was most probably born in the last 1-3 months of 1950.
We have not been able to confirm the adoption was legitimate or if it was a private adoption or not. We are still putting together all the clues about this child. This is currently all we know of this sibling.
Thank you! Tina