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Can you please send me your lawyer's number? I need to speak with someone about my foster son.
I hired an attorney in my son's case. I was TERRIFIED he was going to be sent home to his bdad, who was still using cocaine.
Having my attorney file a motion to have me as intervenor in the case was hugely helpful. All the sudden, I wasn't being kept in the dark any more! I got the entire case file, with all the motions and paperwork on the case. That was a big deal for me emotionally, and I am glad I have those papers for when my son is old enough to see them.
But I could have filed as intervenor on my own (and now, I do). There was absolutely nothing my attorney could have done to prevent reunification if DSS and the GAL were in agreement about it. So on the whole, the lawyer was not such a good investment.
And no, the state cannot remove the child from care if you hire an attorney, at least not in our state. Here, every foster parent has a statutory right to become an intervenor (with a lawyer if you want to pay for one, otherwise, representing yourself). You can't be penalized for exercising your statutory right.
I now file as an intervenor for EVERY child on the day I am eligible to do so. I tell the SW and the child's parents before I do it, and I tell them I am doing it so that I can address the judge directly if I need to comment on the child's progress, on how visits are affecting him or her, and on any services that are needed. Unless I'm an intervenor, I can't speak.