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Thread: OT - short boys
We have calculated it for myself, my brother and DH and it was way off with all of us. I am 3 inches shorter than projected and they are each several inches taller. I can't remember the exact amounts (I remember mine because I so wish I was 5'10"!) but it was significant.
If I calculate it for my bio son it says he will be 5'10" and he is already 5'8" now at age 12 and I would presume not anywhere close to done growing. I expect him to be well past 6'.
I have also calculated it for my younger two (adopted) children and I think it way overestimates their expected adult height based on their current size and birthmothers' heights. I may well be wrong, but I think it highly unlikely they will reach those heights.
I know this is an old post but I just wanted to see where your sons predictions are now.