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Good oggly moogly! Sending you a big hug! Your not alone.
I had a 4 and 5 year old that peed when angry or just because until they were 6 and 8! Here’s what worked.
1. “I PEED” - kid
“OK.” - me
Then I walk away and ignore it. Peeing is to make me upset because something has upset them. Me ignoring the announcement takes the fun out of it.
2. Pee cloths go in the trash at the end of the day before shower time. All of the pee cloths, even shoes if it’s peed in. Kids throw the cloths in the trash themselves. Momma doesn’t play in pee.
3. Pee cloths get replaced with ugly cheap cloths from yard sales or the thrift store. Ugly can mean just something they don’t like. One of my babies hates purple the other must have sparkles on everything. Pee cloths are not pretty. Clean nice cloths are pretty. They have to wait until they haven’t peed for a month to get any new pretty cloths.
4. Pee beds are cleaned by the kids. The new sheets are put on by the kids and pee sheet go in the washer. We ended up having to buy “ugly” sheets at one point when they both tag-team-peed us for a three week stretch! But after a month they got the pretty sheets back.
5. If you pee out of anger or just for fun you carry a diaper bag with an extra pair of cloths and a diaper. The Pee-body carries this bag around for a whole week!
The idea is to make the peeing bothersome for only them. It is an issue for them not you, so you have to pretend to not even notice the pee. When it get annoying for them and they get no reaction from you they stop. ... eventually.