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I'm a mother. When in the care of baby will encounter
many problems,For example: Use common diapers is always to make my baby *** red. It's too bad! and there will be cost a lot of money .Tell me what can I do. I feels so sad.
But when my mom buying some Cloth Diapers for my
baby, that's pleasantly surprised! I will not see baby *** red. The Cloth Diapers can be washed. I don't have to spend a lot of money to buy the baby's diaper. The shop( had great price and best servise!
It was a tough decision for me with my first born. She keeps on leaking in pampers and huggies and cloths until i used luv leakguards. They were like a life saver for me. I guess you would have to try different brands and find out for yourself.