Did you adopt in Ukraine? Did you face some issue?
Could you please give an update?
Thank you so much for share.
The other day, I saw a child online from the Ukraine with special needs who was awaiting adoption. I really felt drawn to him and my fiance are taking this time between now and our marriage in two months to meditate and pray on the idea of pursuing adoption of this child. However, I'm worried about becoming too attached to the idea of adopting this child because I have no clue how I will be received in this area of the world as an adoptive parent.
I am black and my fiance is white. I could not find any experiences from other people of my race who have adopted a child from Eastern Europe. I'm not even sure how many there are out there. I'm becoming increasingly worried of going through the process, getting to court, and the judge decided that a black woman cannot be the mother to a white boy.
Anyone able to provide any background or assurances?