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You did not list any specific details about your situation or your reasoning. In the foster care system there are many "children" between 18-21 who are still available for adoption. They chose to remain as wards of the state instead of going on their own. There are many reasons for this. Many of them are finishing high school or even in college. They are searching for a connection to a family. Their biological family was so abusive or dysfunctional that they don't want any contact with them.
For legal purposes, these young adults are still considered children. Once they move in with you there will be social worker visits, family reports made on the placement and they will only have to live with you for 6 months before the adoption takes place. For someone 18 or over who is not a ward of the state, they must reside with you for at least 2 years before adoption is possible. And, a ward of the state will qualify for tuition breaks and possible monthly subsidies.
Outside of that, there could be other reasons for an adult wanting to be adopted. For example, you dislike your biological parents so much you want them off of your birth certificate. You became very close to someone and want to have inheritance rights. And probably a variety of other reasons. But another adult should be hesitant before adopting an adult who has parents and a family because now the adoptee will have the same rights as your other children.
Me personally, I would adopt an adult in their early 20's even if they were not in the foster care system if I knew them for a long time and they had no parents or family and still needed a little bit of help to get started in life. Other than that, I would be quite suspicious if an adult wanted me to adopted them. And I also feel that it would be disrespectful to any other children that I have to allow a stranger to have the same legal status as them.