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Thread: What to Expect
Not sure where you are but in NY I got very little time. The most time I had was 2 days for an infant I wasn’t supposed to get. And you can always decline a placement.
My wife and I are working with a foster/adopt program. Our caseworker is on a short vacation but we've been arguing about foster placement for a few days so I wanted to get an idea of what it was like for others. Our goal is to adopt, but we're definitely open to helping with foster services as they're needed so much.
My quandary, and I could be wrong but I can't confirm with my case worker right now is this – my wife is under the impression that once we're approved they can call us and show up at our house with a child in a few hours. I was under the impression that we would have some kind of introduction with the child and it's not instantaneous. My wife is concerned because our age range is 0-5 so she basically wants me to purchase and assemble furniture for the full age range of potential children and I think it's a bit insane because of the obvious differences in sleeping/comfort/safety needs.
We could purchase then return what we didn't use but still I would need time to assemble it so how fast do foster placements happen based on your experiences?