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I was adopted in 1979 from bogata colombia. I believe that my birth mother was 26 and her name was Lydia Izquierda. I would really like to find her. Please help!
MY name is Sarah and i was adopted in Bogota Colombia in 1981.I have begun searching. does anyone have any ideas or advise on searching in Colombia? I have some information but i'm not sure where to go from here.
Hello, my name is Soraya. I too was adopted from La Casa, Bogata Colombia. I was born September 9, 1974 and was adopted in 1975. My birth name is Soraya Correa. If you have any information to help me with my search I would greatly appreciate it. I am just now starting with this message. One of my brothers, who is also adopted, began his search 2 weeks ago, and he has found his birth mother, has spoken with her, and is planning to meet her. However, he was born and adopted in the states, so I think the process was a bit easier. Hope to hear from someone soon. I'm happy to just chat about the situation too.
I adopted my son from ICBF in March 1992 and my daughter from ICBF in June 1995. We are planning a country tour sometime in the 2005 and my son is very interested in finding his birth family. Has anyone had any success at finding their family? If so, any help would be appreciated. E-mail
Hi everyone,
I am an adoptive mommy to two beautiful little Colombian boys--one is 3 1/2 and we just returned 2 weeks ago with our 9 month old. We adopted both from La Casita de Nicolas in Medellin.
Anyway, we were told while in Colombia that the idea of finding one's birthparents is becoming much more accepted in Colombia now. Apparently there is a program called "Roots" where a certain person (an attorney) will help you find your birthfamily. I will e-mail our interpreter in Medellin to find out how to go about taking part in the Roots program. She is very good friends with a Colombian law student (whom we have met) who is working with the Roots program and is currently helping find birthfamilies.
I will be in touch when I know more! Has anyone else heard of the Roots program?
Lori :)
My name is Sarah and i'm adopted from Bogota Colombia. I'm searching for my birth relatives. I'm really interested in the "roots" program if anyone has any information about that. I have my birth mothers name (Marina Albarracin Mayorga), fingerprint, copy of the birth certificate, her sisters finger print and personal ID #. She was born in Bucarramanga. Does any one have information or ideason how to begin? i would really apreciate it. or if you just want to say hi. my email is
Hello all! I cant tell you what it means to see other people in from la casa. I am going to Colombia in 2 months to search for my parents and would like any helpful info. I was born april 22 1974 i know my birth father was a musician and my birth mother was affiliated with art galleries-any info or suggestions are welcomed email me direct if you wish well friends,dave
Hi everyone. I was adopted from La Casa de La Madre Y El Nino in 1973. I returned from Colombia three days ago to countiue my search. I met with an investigator there who is amazing. I have also heard of the ROOTS program as well and met a woman who is working with it. Any questions please feel free to E-mail me at Please put Colombian Adoption in your subject or I may delete it.
Hey everybody,
I can not even express what it was like to stumble across this website and realize that there were other people feeling the same way that I have all my life. I was adopted in 1982 from La casa in Bogota and have been blessed with a wonderful family- however, in the back of my mind I have always wanted to find my birth mother and to know where I come from. I am scared that my mother wouldnt want to know me or would deny even being my mother if I were to find her. Mabye these are just insecurities but I really would like to know if anyone has had any progress in the search. I returned to Bogota in 2000 and had no luck besides getting my mother's name, birthplace and birthdate. I am interested in the "roots" program and I am also interested in the program involving the student lawyers. I would love to hear and keep in contact with all of you.
Hi folks. I was born in July 1971, and was adopted from La Casa de la madre y el nino in August of 1971. I'm now 33 years old, living in Virginia, in the US, and have only this week found out that my mother still knew the name of the agency I was adopted from, and the subject only came up because a coworker of mine adopted a beautiful little girl through FANA recently. I've never been to interested in my origins. My parents have always told me that I was adopted, and I never felt that they weren't my parents. In fact, we have one thing in common... Our parents chose us. Most parents get a random selection. We were all picked especially to be the child(ren) of our parents. That always made me feel special enough. Now I'm just curious, and would like to know about my parents. I'm not sure if I'll ever be interested in meeting them.
It's nice to know that there are more of you, us, out there, living with the same knowledge and issues. Thanks for sharing your stories.
You might find this group helpful
Thanks for the link Karen. In fact, I moderate this group so it's nice to know others are referring new members. Greatly appreciated :)
I was adopted from Bogota, Colombia and desperatly want to find my birthmother Emelina Rojas. Its really hard to search overseas though.
Hi there. Is your name Ana too? Where were you adopted from? I agree with you, it is very hard to search overseas. Myself and many people I know are trying to it despite the difficulties. E-mail me, I'd love to chat!
Hey, I was adopted from Casa de la madre in 1977, and I have no names etc for my birthparents, only that they where 16 and 17 years old and students, and then my name Alida Arias, anyone with similar set of info have any idea of how to proceed?
I saw a post about Roots, an organization that helps adoptees find their parents, any news on that ?
Apart from this, really interesting to see that there are so many of us out there
Hello everyone,
My name is Charles White, and I'm reaching out to the world in search of a very special person - my birth mother, Isabella. I was born in May of 1975, and my journey began at Casa de la Madre Y el Nino. While my life has been filled with love and blessings from my adoptive family, there has always been a part of me longing to connect with the woman who brought me into this world.
The name Isabella holds a profound significance in my heart, as it represents the missing link in my life story. I yearn to know her, to understand her, and to express my gratitude for the sacrifice she made in giving me life. Every day, I carry with me the hope that somewhere out there, she may be searching for me too.
I understand that this quest may seem like searching for a needle in a haystack, but I refuse to lose faith. Miracles happen when we least expect them, and I'm holding onto that belief with all my might. That's why I'm asking for your help, dear readers. If anyone out there has any information about Isabella, or if you know someone who might have a connection to Casa de la Madre Y el Nino in 1975, please reach out to me.
Your assistance could be the key to unlocking the missing pieces of my identity. Whether it's a small clue or a significant lead, every bit of information brings me one step closer to finding my birth mother. I'm also reaching out through prayers, hoping that the universe will guide me to her. I believe that the Lord will lead me to my biological mother.
To Isabella, if you're reading this, please know that my heart aches to meet you. There's an unspoken bond between us that transcends time and distance. I long to hear your voice, to see your face, and to embrace you with the love and gratitude that fills my soul.
Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and share my plea. Together, we can turn this quest into a reality and reunite a mother and her child after years of separation.
With hope and gratitude,
Charles White