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Hello everyone, my name is Kayla, I am looking for my older brother that was put up for adoption, born April 9th, 1984 at West Penn Hospital. The birth mother was rehomed during the pregnancy at Zoar Home in Pittsburgh, PA. The records are sealed but should be a one way communication to be opened if the son wanted to contact her or the family that he could.
I uploaded the pictures I have with the only information I have access to. I have been searching for him since 2011, actively posting on adoption forums with no success. And as suspected, all agencies either don't return phone calls or suggest hiring a lawyer or PI to unseal the records, with the basis of a legitimate reason like a medical issue that the son would need to be aware of.
The initials on the infants outfit was from a picture the adoptive parents sent of the boy at 6 months old, which looks to say STA.
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