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I was born 9/20/65- at St. Francis in Trenton but my birthmother was a resident of St. Elizabeth's. From my research, under what was probably an assumed name, but I could be wrong- details are very sketchy. I was lucky to be adopted by a loving mom and dad but this has been something gnawing at me for years. The birth mother's name on the original bc that I was able to obtain through the new New Jersey law, was Marion Marshall, (mine was listed as Mark Marshall) and it also said she was aged 16 years......I've done a lot of research but there is no one nationally by that name in the right age my search continues, I'm interested to know something about me, my birth father and what the circumstances surrounding how I came to be were.
Not looking to upset or cause anyone any issues......
Update 8/12/21: In 2018 I submitted DNA to 23 and Me and Ancestry. In August 2021 (3 yrs later) 23 and me matched me to two half brothers and a half sister. This helped me to identify my biological father as Jim Swain. I located Jim and we have texted. He is quite Ill. He is not a super super guy. Apparently had quite the MO of getting girls pregnant and denying it was him and disappearing. In my case Jim related a story of when he was a Marine that my biological mother's parents went to Lakehurst NJ (where he was stationed) and confronted him and his Command Master Sgt. about the pregnancy and Jim states that his Command Master Sgt. "advised him" not to marry my mom (which is nice way of absolving himself of any responsibility). I am interested to know about my mother, circumstances etc. and whether she is still living. I don't have an axe to grind- this is more about connecting the dots of my life and the story surrounding my birth/ adoption has always been kind of sketchy. My interaction w my biological father was brief- he doesn't remember anything other than my mom's name was "Mary" and that was about 5 Feet tall with blue eyes- he doesn't remember a last name. Be advised in your own searches: He wasn't super cooperative. I had to guilt him - he initially denied, I said I have DNA that connects me to 3 of your known children, so really its a slam dunk. This wasn't entirely a pleasant experience and my bio father wanted to take the focus off himself and put the blame on my mom and her parents, his command master sgt. or anyone else except himself. But I have a name, and enough information to know I am glad I had loving adoptive parents. I do still want to know about my mom- if she open to connecting (not in a mother son way-as no human could ever replace my adoptive mother) I'd like to connect- It won't change me or who I am but it will connect the dots to that which is 1/2 disjointed at present.
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