Founder of Nathan Gwilliam an ‘Angel in Adoption’

Every year, Angels in Adoption awards are given to recognize outstanding services in child welfare, adoption, and permanency.

Rachel Skousen December 28, 2017
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Gwilliam poses with Senator Risch and his oldest daughter Miriam at the Angels in Adoption gala. 

In 2015, founder Nathan Gwilliam traveled to Washington, D.C., where Senator James Risch presented him the with the 2015 Angels in Adoption award for the state of Idaho.

Angels in Adoption is a program of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. Founded in 2001 as a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, the CCAI was created in order to get the legislative power of Congress involved in child welfare throughout the United States. Every year, Angels in Adoption awards are given to people and organizations, nationally and locally, for outstanding services in child welfare, adoption, and permanency. Gwilliam was recognized in 2015 for his unique contribution to the world of adoption: had humble beginnings. As a young man, Gwilliam served a two-year church mission in Brazil, where he quickly grew to love the children he met on the streets. As a result of his experience, he decided to do something for those children and others like them. His desire drove him to create a business plan using the recently born internet: He would build an online adoption community, a place where all involved in adoption could come to connect with and learn from one another.


Upon its launch, quickly became the premier website for information on adoption and foster care. But Gwilliam didn’t stop there. Running with the success of, he and his team built a whole family of websites devoted to adoption, including,,, and others.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity,” said Gwilliam about receiving the Angels in Adoption award. “I have the privilege of doing something I love that has a positive impact on so many people.” He was quick to share credit, however, praising his team for their hard work in making and its sister sites a reality, as well as thanking investors, partners, and advertisers for their contributions to the cause. “ would be nothing without them.”

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Rachel Skousen

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