Placing your child with an adoptive family can be difficult and painful. For some, the feelings and emotions are more than they can deal with and work through alone. If this is the case, counseling is a great resource to use in order to effectively and healthily deal with your emotions. But simply attending your counseling sessions will not ensure you get the most out of the experience. Here are some great ways to take advantage of your counseling and find the right road to emotional healing.

Be Open: While sharing your inner feelings can be difficult, scary, and overwhelming, it is imperative to your progress that you do so. Be completely honest with your counselor. The only way he or she can help you is by understanding your exact emotions and feelings. Seeing a counselor is your opportunity to speak about whatever is bothering you; take advantage of it.

Shop Around: Not every counselor will be beneficial for you. Arrange a short meeting with each potential counselor or therapist. This will not only help you know if you feel comfortable with him or her, but you will see strategies and methods. Ask your family and friends for referrals. You may also be able to read about each counselor online, if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Find a Support System: Not only do you need to find the right counselor for your needs, but you should establish a stable and strong support system, for when you are not with your counselor, made up of trusted family members and friends. If you keep your support system abreast of what your counselor recommends, they can help you on your journey, and keep you on track and moving forward.


Ask for Homework: If your counselor doesn’t assign you after-session assignments, ask for them. This is a great way to emphasize what you’ve learned in your sessions. It will reiterate what’ve you discussed during your visits, and encourage you to keep up with your progress.

Journal Your Progress: Keeping a journal is an advantageous way to keep track of your progress, growth, emotional healing, and understanding. For some, it is beneficial to see where you’ve started and how far you’ve come down the path of emotional healing and self understanding. 

In order for counseling to be effective and worthwhile, it will take effort on your part. The more you put into this experience, the more beneficial it will be for you. Preparing yourself to meet with your counselor or therapist can make all the difference. Soon, you’ll be better equipped to move forward in a positive manner.