In a significant development, the Gladney Center for Adoption (GCA) announces the integration of Madison Adoption Associates into its network. This pivotal partnership reflects GCA’s commitment to expansion and widening its scope across adoption services.

Mark Melson, CEO of GCA, shares his excitement: “We are thrilled to share some remarkable news with you – the staff of Madison Adoption Associates will be joining the Gladney Center for Adoption family!”

Expanding Adoption Opportunities

The collaboration with Madison Adoption Associates brings forth a host of benefits for adoptive families. With an extended range of intercountry adoption programs, families now have more countries to consider, including Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Bulgaria, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic, alongside existing programs in Colombia, Taiwan, and China.

Increasing Accessibility

Gladney’s expanded licensing across several states enhances access to adoption services. Additional home study services ensure families nationwide receive comprehensive pre- and post-adoption support, facilitating a smoother adoption process.

Strengthening Expertise

The integration of Madison’s experienced staff and resources equips GCA to better serve its clients. This amalgamation ensures clients receive the same level of care and commitment, underpinned by the dedication of both organizations.

Benefits of Joining with Madison Adoption Associates:

  • Expanded range of intercountry adoption programs
  • Increased opportunities for families to consider various countries for adoption
  • Additional expertise and resources to better serve clients

As GCA and Madison join hands, it extends gratitude to the community for their steadfast support. Together, they continue to pave the way for a future where every child finds a loving home.

To explore adoption services and contribute to this transformative journey, visit the Gladney Center for Adoption’s website. Join us in shaping brighter futures for children in need.

The integration of Madison Adoption Associates into the Gladney Center for Adoption family represents a significant advancement in adoption services. With expanded programs, enhanced accessibility, and strengthened expertise, GCA remains steadfast in its mission to change lives through adoption.