Every week, children who are currently in foster care and waiting to be adopted can be featured on local news stations and websites across the country. Each child is unique, but they all share something in common: they have all been waiting for their forever families for a long time. When local news stations and sites feature them, they show and tell what makes each child unique. These children’s beautiful personalities and talents are showcased not only in a small segment on local television but also on the Wednesday’s Child website. This started to gather support.

Also on the Wednesday’s Child website is a section dedicated solely to Wednesday’s Child Success Stories of children adopted from foster care because of their profiles. With over twenty-seven pages of truly inspiring success stories, it’s clear that Wednesday’s Child is not only helping foster children find the family they’ve always wanted, but also inspiring others to participate in and aid Foster Care.

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption created this campaign many years ago as part of its efforts to be the voice for adoption and foster care. It currently features children in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia. The Foundation’s goal is to help the children in foster care find their families. It also has goals to advocate for foster care by eliminating the biases and misconceptions that currently surround many people’s ideas of foster care and adoption.

Through fundraising campaigns, like the #share4adoption Instagram heart cup campaign, the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption raises money to “promote awareness, assist policymakers and employers, provide free educational resources, and support adoption professionals and agencies.”

The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption Wednesday’s Child campaign was so successful, local organizations began to utilize it, too, and the program quickly spread all over the country.



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