Adoption is a new beginning. It means a renewed life–a different life–for adoptive families and for children. From flowers to stunning colors, from birds chirping to baby ducks appearing by the lake, from longer days to balmy nights. Adoption is so very much like spring!

Okay, to be fair, spring brings its share of hay fever and rain, but that’s life, too. And adoption certainly has its own ups and downs, but more than anything, life is beautiful and so is springtime. That is a lesson nature teaches us while also presenting us with many gifts, and this time of the year offers us so many of these gifts, but most of all, it surrounds us with love and hope!

Probably the first thing that springs to mind (no pun intended) this time of year is flowers and color. Flowers start with just a tiny seed and, with nurturing, they grow into gorgeous blooming wonders that bless the world. Similarly, adoption starts with a child who needs nurturing in order to blossom into his or her full potential. The adoption process is sparked by people, whether single parents or a couple, who have love to give and a willingness to open their hearts and lives to children who need them. With these new families comes a whole bouquet possessing all the colors and fullness of life!

Gardens and lakes, surrounded by arrays of hues and greenery, floral smells or perhaps the scent of the sea on sand, hosts of birds’ sweet melodies float gently by, hanging lightly on warm breezes. Ducklings waddle besides rippling ponds and fawns secretly trot by in the undergrowth of trees textured with rustling leaves and nests teeming with new life.

In much the same way, adoption breathes its first breath in the homes of parents who wait patiently through the winters of waiting and comes to fruition in a new season of life for families.

Sunshine bursts forth and hangs out for long “hellos” while nights take on a different feel–no longer chilly, but pleasant and welcoming. Adoption is the life of a child blessing a family with light after what can seem like a long darkness. Smiles beam rays of light into shadows and love seems to take on new lingering warmth…

The birth of new families is like the joys of springtime buzzing with promise and renewed beauty and wholeness. But no matter what season you’re in, remember to be patient, love, live, experience happiness, and, as the saying goes, grow right where you’re planted. Adoption is a beautiful thing!