Prayer is a very powerful tool. I have grown up going to church so prayer is a very important aspect of my life. Prayer was especially important to me during my adoption journey. Everyone’s adoption journey is different but all adoption journeys have their ups and downs. Ours was not an exception.

We used an adoption agency to complete a domestic adoption. We completed our home study and then the long waiting period began. We waited for several months and then we were matched with an expectant mother. We met and had contact with her for the last few months of her pregnancy. She was scheduled to be induced. The day before we were going to go to the hospital and she was going to be induced, we received the phone call. She had decided to parent the child. While we were heartbroken, we understood and always knew that was a possibility. That is when prayer became even more critical to me. I needed peace and reassurance in my life. I needed hope that we would become parents sometimes, if not now. I needed to strengthen that faith that I have.

This experience really did strengthen my faith. This really allowed my husband to really trust God to help us get through that period of time.

It gave my husband and me time to spend with each other and our church community. We also were contacted by many people we hadn’t heard from in a while and were able to reconnect with them.

I learned during that time that God doesn’t give us anything more than we can handle.



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